Everybody who orders coffee will get a free 50g sample pack
of Ken's hybird

Aloha! Welcome to Love Family Farms
Aloha and welcome to Love Family Farms.
Love Family Farms is located in the heart of the Big Island's coffee growing area.
Here is where Madame Pele combines her fiery lava soil with the sun God Maui who brought the sun's golden rays to produce a coffee bean unlike any other. Kona coffee is world renowned for its rich robust taste. Owners Ken & Marg Love eagerly await a chance to share their paradise and coffee with you.

Love Family Farms offers its visitors a dazzling view of the Pacific Ocean as well as a chance to experience first hand life on a coffee plantation.
A visit also includes a chance to get a glimpse at many different exotic fruit trees as well as Hawaii's famous coffee and macadamia nuts.
Please contact us if you visit Kona and would like to see our farm.

Ken & Marg Love