Vertual Farm02
image/_haruna.jpg, 3.1K
Haruna is ken & Margy's homestay daughter Maki chans neice. This was her first trip to Hawaii and her first pineapple!
883 x 693
image/_maki_nakamori.jpg, 2.9K
Maki Nakamori planted a coffee tree on her first trip to Hawaii
600 x 931
image/_mom_&_caroline.jpg, 3.1K
Ken's mom (right) and her friend Caroline visited the farm and tried to pick coffee but prefered to eat papaya!
875 x 701
image/_yamashita_family.jpg, 3.5K
The Yamashita family planted white pineapples and hopes ot come back when they are ready to eat!
864 x 695
image/_yumi_yukawa.jpg, 2.9K
Yumi Yukawa from California is the daughter of our friend and loves lemons so she planted a tree to insure a fresh supply when her parents move to Kona.
695 x 1066

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